Laura Boss

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LAURA BOSS Traduzione di Nina e Nat Scammacca Stripping sulla sponda del’Hudson a cura di Nina e Nat Scammacc la edizione italiana: 1988 From: On the Edge of the Hudson (Cross-Cultural Communications) & Stripping (Chantry Press) 1982/1986 Paperback ISBN 0-89304-522-5 Hardcover ISBN 089304-523-3 Le poesie del volume «Stripping sulla spondaLeggi di più/ Read more

Women Writers Chapbook 4 Series Editor: Stanley H. Barkan Copyright © 1986 hy Cross-Cultural Communications Poetry Copyright © 1986 by Laura Boss Illustration Copyright © 1986 by Bebe Barkan All rights reserved under International Copyright Conventions. Except for brief passages quoted in a newspaper, magazine, radio, or television review, noLeggi di più/ Read more